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The Smoking Man

The Smoking Man – Curriculum Verbatim

Undergraduate Studies in Psychology & Political Science, Graduate Studies in Education

North / South / Central America & The Caribbean, East / West Europe, N. Africa, China, India & East Asia – as a fly-on-the-wall

Miami, U.S.A.: (aka) “Casablanca” during the “Wild West/Cocaine Cowboy” days of the early-to-mid 80’s

Managua, NICARAGUA / San Jose COSTA RICA: During the later days of the “Iran/Contra – Cocaine/ Guns Affair”

Havana CUBA / Caracas, VENEZUELA: During the “Special Period” in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet collapse (…or more accurately – Mojitos, Marx & Mulattas) Ring-side seat to Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution

Occupied West Bank / Oman, JORDAN: Post 9/11 “assignment” on permanent hold (…but that’s a whole other story)

Yesterday – Journalist / Producer / Fixer – Friend & Confidant to Rebels, Rogues & Rounders

Today – Political Researcher / Analyst / Writer – Friend & Confidant to Shamans, Seers & Sages