Vendor-Financed 1/2 Acre Country Lot In St. George, NB – $24,950 (CDN)

Property Information:

PAN*: 01465229

Location: 70 MANOR RD

Taxing Authority: 501 – TOWN OF/VILLE DE ST. GEORGE

Description: VACANT LOT

Eldorado Land Company – Reference Number: St George – 1

A wealth of activities await you in St. George. The area is rich with lakes, coves, rivers, brooks, islands and beaches that demand exploration.  Experience canoeing and kayaking on the river, the lake or in the basin. Explore the many covered bridges in the area. One crosses a natural canal where the majestic Magagaudavic meets the mysterious waters of Lake Utopia.

In the early 1870s St. George supplied red granite for the Parliament buildings in Ottawa and a cathedral in Boston. It’s now a supply base for deer hunting as well as angling excursions for trout and salmon. At St. George the Magaguadavic River flows through a narrow, scenic gorge, where a fish ladder helps salmon and other species navigate the falls. Nearby Lake Utopia has smooth sand beaches and is a good fishing spot.

Bask in the sun on the sandy beaches of Lake Utopia or pan the lake for a siting of the famed Lake Utopia monster. For the energetic at heart, sign-up for whale watching, scuba diving, hiking, horseback riding or bicycling tours.

Photo of an empty riverside boradwalk on a clear early autumn day

All Prices Are Quoted in CDN

Option #1: 24,950 – 10% Deposit (2,495) = 22,455 @ *5 yr. x 5% = 423.75

Option #2: 10% Discount for Cash Sale, if paid in full within 30 Day’s – Cash Price 22,455

Note 2: Purchases can exercise the option to elongate the amortization term to a maximum of 10 years. For each successive year added to the amortization period above the 5 year standard, an addition 1% will be added to the interest schedule (i.e: 7 year amortization term @ 7% interest)

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