Vender-Financed 1/5 Acre Cottage Lot In Grande Anse, NB – $16,950 (USD)

Property Information:

PAN*: 02918908

Location: 95 RUE ACADIE


Description: LOT

Eldorado Land Company – Reference Number: Grande Anse – 1

It’s a fascinating area that is like no other in Canada; it’s a slice of France in Canada that has a fierce loyalty to their Acadian roots. Driving through Caraquet along the water’s edge you’ll find a number of great beaches to spend a day in the sun on the way to Grande Anse. Many of the beaches are private and for a small fee you can get access to the beach surrounded by little cliffs. Sunbathe, swim, or hunt for shells along the Acadian coast!

One of the most popular attractions in the area that will teach you about the history of the region is the Acadian Village; a living museum portraying the daily lives of the Acadians from 1770 to 1949. Take a walk through time and learn what it was like to survive as an Acadian during the expulsion.

All Prices Are Quoted in (USD)

Option #1: 16,950 – 10% Deposit (1,695) = 15,255 @ *5 yr. x 5% = 287.88 (USD)

Option #2: 10% Discount for Cash Sale, if paid in full within 30 Day’s – Cash Price 15,255 (USD)

Note 2: Purchases can exercise the option to elongate the amortization term to a maximum of 10 years. For each successive year added to the amortization period above the 5 year standard, an addition 1% will be added to the interest schedule (i.e: 7 year amortization term @ 7% interest)

(Above) A Min-Home previously occupied this lot – Presently there is no structure on this lot

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