Vender-Financed 1 Acre Country Lot in Williamsburg, NB – $19,950 (CDN)

Property Information:

PAN*: 00707945


Taxing Authority: 322 – L.S.D. OF/D.S.L. DE STANLEY

Description: LOT

Eldorado Land Company – Reference Number #: Williamsburg -1

Williamsburg is a 10 min. drive to the quaint artisan village of Stanley. Stanley was colonized in 1833 when a group of London merchants became interested in the area, the village of Stanley is deeply rooted in forestry, agricultural and fishing history, and many of the homes here are more than a century old, and are still occupied by descendents of the original families who built them. Stanley is also home to the longest-running agricultural fair in North America.

Outdoor pursuits abound here; the crisp, white days of winter make skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing common leisure activities. With the warming sunshine of spring, try canoeing on the beautiful Nashwaak River. Children can play on the new play equipment recently installed in the village park, and enjoy more idyllic green space on the walking trails that follow along the river.

Even with a small population of 450, Stanley has a pharmacy, convenience store, nursing home, doctor’s offices and several churches. This thriving village also has a volunteer fire department, ambulance service and two restaurants offer dining options. Stanley is an authentic, country-village experience that you will want to repeat, again and again.

All Prices Quoted in (CDN)

Option #1: 19,950 – 10% Deposit (1,950) = 17,955 @ 5 yr. x 5% = 338.83

Option #2: 10% Discount for Cash Sale, if paid in full within 30 Day’s – Cash Price 17,955

Note 2: Purchases can exercise the option to elongate the amortization term to a maximum of 10 years. For each successive year added to the amortization period above the 5 year standard, an addition 1% will be added to the interest schedule (i.e: 7 year amortization term @ 7% interest)

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