Vendor-Financed 3/4 Acre Country Lot – 20 min. Drive To Waterton Lakes National Park, AB – $74,950 (CDN)

Property Information:

PID*: T0K1E0

Location: 117 – 2nd Ave. E

Taxing Authority: CARDSTON COUNTY


Eldorado Land Company – Reference Number: Waterton – 1

Cardston County, extending from the U.S. boundary to a point south of Lethbridge, embodies western lifestyle. Open ranges and fertile valleys, wandering cattle and swaying wheat fields are tucked against the rugged timberland at the edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Economic mainstays are agriculture and tourism. Guest ranches, campgrounds (including the resort-size Great Canadian Barn Dance near Hill Spring), and accessibility to nearby Waterton National Park comprise the County’s tourism sector.

Tourism in Cardston County has also become a strong and viable industry, with visitors drawn to the area’s natural landscape and proximity to Waterton National Park. The communities of Cardston County celebrate their pioneer heritage with unique historical and cultural centers, attracting visitors from far and wide.

The County is determined to maintain ranching and farming as the foundation for cultural and economic life. Bar U Ranch National Historic Site is Canada’s only historic site dedicated to ranching history. Learn what put Bar U Ranch on the map, how large scale roundups were done in the late 1800s, and how cowboys lived back then

All Prices Quoted in CDN

Option #1: 74,950 – 10% Deposit (7,495) = 67,455 @ 15 yr. x 7.5% = 625.32

Option #2: 10% Discount for Cash Sale, if paid in full within 30 Day’s – Cash Price 67,455

Note 2: Purchases can exercise the option to elongate the amortization term to a maximum of 20 years. For each successive year added to the amortization period above the 10 year standard, an addition 1/2 % will be added to the interest schedule (i.e: 15 year amortization term @ 7.5 % interest)

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