Vendor-Financed 1/3 Acre Village View Lot in Spectacular Kaslo, BC – $149,950 (CDN)

Property Information:

PID*: 21-533-00280.026



Description: BUILDING LOT

Eldorado Land Company – Reference Number: Kaslo – 1

Welcome to paradise! That’s what Kaslovians think of their home. Kaslo has also been called “a vintage silver dollar in the West Kootenay’s pocket” by British Columbia magazine. Tucked away as it is within the surrounding mountains, and skirted by a rushing river and spectacular lake

Kaslo is a stunningly beautiful small town with a rich history and friendly people. Located in the heart of the mountains of British Columbia. Kaslo a number of great hiking and mountain biking trails lead you to some beautiful places you cannot hope to get to in any other way than on foot, horseback or on two wheels. The Kaslo River Trail is lovely and easy walking and takes you over two covered bridges.

the Kaslo Golf Club there is a spectacular view at each of the 9 holes. Occasionally you’ll catch sight of a few deer, elk or a bear strolling across the greens, taking the shortcut to the lake. Have your camera ready!

The Village of Kaslo is opulent in its built history. The goal of Village is to ensure that this legacy is protected for the enjoyment of future generations. The Village is home to nearly one dozen registered sites, including two National Historic Sites.

Kaslo Jazz Etc. Music Festival – The best little summer music festival! Take everything that is great about summer and add music – all kinds of music that will get you dancing in the sand. Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival is very family friendly and always features truly exceptional talent. Mountains rising over 10,000 feet from the lake are the backdrop for the performers on the floating stage in Kaslo Bay. Two other stages, craft beer and cider and food vendors – and so many happy people!

The Artisan mountain city of Nelson, BC is a scenic 1 hour drive away. Nelson is one of Canada’s hidden gems. Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains along the West Arm of Kootenay Lake, the vibrant mountain town of approximately 10,000 residents features a special combination of heritage, recreation, culture and creativity. It’s been called North American’s best ski town and Canada’s best small arts and culture town for good reason.

All Prices Quoted in CDN

Option #1: 149,950 – 10% Deposit (14,995) = 134,955 @ 25 yr. x 5% = 788.93

Option #2: 10% Discount for Cash Sale, if paid in full within 30 Day’s – Cash Price 134,955

Note 2: Purchases can exercise the option to elongate the amortization term to a maximum of 25 years – conversely, purchasers may choose to shorten the mortgage term at a standardized fixed rate of 5% (five)

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